Cat tale
Nasreddin Hodja

One day Hodja bought two kilos of meat and took it home to his wife. Then he returned to work. Immediately, his wife called her relatives and prepared a superb dinner. In the evening, Hodja returned for supper, and his wife offered him nothing but bread and onions. He turned to her and said,
- But why haven't you prepared anything from the meat?
- I rinsed the meat and was going to put it on the stove when this damn cat came up and took it away, she said.
Hodja at once ran to get the scales. Then he found the cat and weighed it. It was exactly two kilos!
Then he turned to his wife and said,
- Look here! If what I have just weighed is the cat, then where's the meat? But if this is the meat, then where's the cat?