Le mois de Safar
Ch. Hisham Kabbani

Bienvenue au centre soufi

'' It is one of the months of the year and Prophet nicknamed it Safar Al-Khayr. Great number of previous nations perished during this month

Adab of the month of Safar

From the adab of this month to be performed daily with the intention of being protected and safeguarded:

1- Shahadatayn( 3 times)

2- Astagfirullah ( 300 times)

3- Daily sadaqa for the sake of Allah(s) with the intention of removal of afflictions.

Prophet(s) used to say:'' Who will be the one to give me the good tidings of the exit of month of Safar Al-Khayr.

It is recommended ot make a zabiha (sacrifice an animal) on the 27th of this month for the sake of Allah(s).

4- Recite surah Al-FIL( 7 times)

5- Ayat-ul Kursi ( 7 times)

Adab for the last wednesday of safar:

Blow on yourself and your family after the recitation of surat Al-Fil.

Amongst the best one could do on this day is to avoid going out of one's home.

On this Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani (q) says:'' On the last wednesday of safar seventy thousand afflictions come down; so whoever keeps the adab that we mentioned Allah(s) will protect him.''

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