Le mois de Rabi oul awwal
Ch. Hisham Kabbani

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This is a special month which everyday consist of blessing and heavenly manifestations from ar-Raħmān. This is the month which the Messenger of Allāh was born, when he made hijrah to Madīnah and which he as lifted to the highest station near Allāh. He was born on the 12th and named on the 19th of this month.

The superiority of this month to the rest is like the superiority of the Prophet to creation. This month consist of tremendous adabs and litanies and for the wayfarer in this path, it is vital to keep the respect and hold to it. It is allowed in this month for seclusion and spiritual exercise (particularly) from the first to the 10th of Rabī'u ath-Thānī for the love of Allāh ³ and his Messenger ÿ which he will reach the station of annihilation in the Messenger of Allāh .

Adab of the month

1. On the night which the month enters, the murīd should perform the ritual bath for Allāh's sake then:

2. Two rak'ats or wudhu or ghusl

3. Perform the adab of the path. After it recite the poem, Marħaban, Ahlan wa Sahlan….

but in the middle of the month he switches the recitation to, al-Widā'u al-Widā'u ya Sharh...,

then he reads the Supplication of Šulţān al-Awliya Shaykh 'abd-Allāh.


1. To be constant everyday recited Šūrah al-An'ām

2. One ħizb of the Dalā'il al-Khayrāt.

3. Šalawāt Sharīfah 1000x daily and 100 standing in the direction of the Qiblah and donate it to the Prophet seeking blessings from his birth.

4. If possible perform read the Mawlid in congregation.

Adab for the Nights of Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays

On these nights the Khatm should be perform and on the night of the birth of the Prophet people should gather for the love Allāh ³ and the Messenger after 'Isha and begin with:

1. Adab of Ţarīqah

2. Khatm

3. Read the Mawlid

4. Šalah at-Tasābīħ

5. Šalah ash-Shukr

Then on this night one should wake for the night vigil with salawats on the Messenger of Allāh and for dhikr until fajr to receive eternal care, eternal light and everlasting mercy. It is commendable to do the ritual bath on this day and on the night of this day thanking Allāh ³ for this great favor, Muħammad the Messenger of Allāh . Out of thankfulness, it is also commendable to make a sacrifice, donate it to the poor and divide it and appoint other for the sake of the Messenger to distribute it. It is also commendable to do this on the day the Prophet was named, on the 19th.

Everyday you should recite the niyah:

Nawaytu ’l-arbā’īn, (I intend the forty (days of seclusion);)

nawaytu ’l-itikāf, (I intend isolation;)

nawaytu ’lkhalwah, (I intend seclusion)

nawaytu ’l-uzlah, (I intend discipline (of the ego);

nawaytu ’r-riyāda,

nawaytu ’s-sulūk (I intend to travel in God’s Path;)

nawaytu ’š-šiyām lillāhi ta’alā al-‘Adhīm fī hādhal-jāmi’i.

(I intend fasting, for the sake of God the Almighty, in this mosque.)

It is obligatory for the people of the Naqshbandi Way to be constant on performing these adabs and litanies listed at certain times:

1. before the Adhan of Fajr by an hour or two before Ishraq

2. Before the Adhan of 'Asr until Maghrib and

3. From Maghrib until Isha'

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