Ten Akce for pestamal
Nasreddin Hodja

One day, Great Tamerlane goes to the Aksehir Central Hamam (Turkish bath). In hamam, after undressed and wrapped 'pestamals' (large bath towel) around, they enter into hot room. They sit on 'gobek tasi' (large very hot marble). While sweating, they chat.
Then Tamerlane asks the Hodja:
-Hodja, you are very learned one! You know to appraise properly. Tell me what is my worth, my value?
-10 'Akce' (old Turkish gold coin), replied the Hodja.
Tamerlane flies into a rage about the so low appraisal value for himself.
-You, idiot! says Tamerlane, how can yo say me my value is ten Akces, just this pestamal alone is worth 10 Akce!
Nasreddin Hoja replies by nodding,
-I included that when I gave you my estimate!