Nasreddin Hodja

Joking with Nasreddin Hodja by his friends has never ended. One day, some people of Aksehir teases by asking
-Hodja, it is said that you have an exalted position among Muslim saints. Is it real?
Of course, he had no such a claim but he replies since he was asked once;
-Probably it must be so.
-Such persons prove themselves to everybody
by showing their miracles from time to time.
So, since you accepted, show a miracle and
lets see! asks people.
-All right, lets do a trick, says Hodja and addressing the plane tree in front of him;
-Hello great plane tree, come quickly near me!...
Of course, no tree comes or goes. Hodja walks
toward the tree and stays there.
The people of Aksehir says;
-Hodja, what happened, you were unable to
bring the tree but you went there! as they were
laughing at him,
-We aren't haughty, says the Hodja, if a mountain doesn't walk, saint-like person walks.