The blanket gone, the quarrel is over.
Nasreddin Hodja

It was about midnight when the Hodja heard a frightful row going on just beneath his window. he loved watching a fight and wasn't going to miss such an opportunity. As the weather was rather cold, he threw a blanket round his shoulders and run out into the street.
There, a couple of hooligans were yelling and violently pushing each other about. But when the Hodja approached, better to watch the fight, as well as to find out the reason for it, both rascals threw themselves on him, snatched his blanket away and disappeared into the darkness.
Pursuing being out of the question, there was nothing left to do for the Hodja but to go back to bed, perplexed and blanketless.
-Well, what was the fight about? asked his wife.
-It appears to have been about our blanket, replied the Hodja, The blanket gone, the quarrel is over.