Trickster wife and hot soup
Nasreddin Hodja

Nasreddin Hodja's wife wanted to play a trick on her husband. So when he came home one night tired and hungry, she put a bowl of scalding hot soup on the table. But forgetting the soup was hot, she swallowed a spoonful of it; immediately tears rolled from her eyes. Seeing his wife crying without any reason, Hodja asked,
- What came over you?
Hodja's wife, drying the tears with her husband, answered,
- I remembered my poor mother. She was so fond of this soup. It was she who taught me how to make it.
Hodja knew his mother-in-law and had much respect forher. So he didn't say anything, took a spoonful of the soup and swallowed it. Of course, his eyes also filled with tears.
- What's wrong with you? his wife asked. Why are you also crying?
- I am crying said Hodja, because it is you who should have died instead of your unfortunate mother.