Hens and the cock
Nasreddin Hodja

One day young boys of the village decided to play a trick on Nasreddin Hodja to fool him. With some eggs in their pockets they invited him to a picnic with them. After they served delicious meal, they said that they want to play a game. Actualy they want to carry out the trick. One of the boys said,
- Listen everybody, now is the time to lay eggs.
They took the eggs from their pockets, cackled and pretended that they laid them.
When they encircled Hodja and showed their eggs to him, Hodja began to run in the ring and crowed as a cock.
- Where is your egg, Hodja? What are you doing? asked boys.
- I'm the cock, Hodja replied, if there are so many hens, we need a cock, aren't we?