Fehmi Pasha's servant
Nasreddin Hodja

Hodja was unemployed and poor but somehow he got little money to eat beans and pilaf at a cheap restaurant. He ate and examined walking people outside with the corner of the eye. He noticed a long, handsome swashbuckler (bully man) behind crowd. The Man was well dressed from head to foot, with velvet turban, silver embroidered vest, silk shirt, satin baggy-trousers and golden scimitar (short curved sword). Hodja pointed the man and asked restaurant keeper,
- Who is that man over there!
- He is Fehmi Pasha's servant, answered restaurant keeper.
Hodja sighed from far away, looked at the sky and said:
- Oh, my Good Lord! Look at that Fehmi Pasha's servant and look at your own servant, here.