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Sufism is the pulsing heart of Islam. Sufis strive to embody the way of Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and the rest (peace be upon them). The Naqshbandi-Haqqani variety is by striving in love: always remember the Source; polish the heart's mirror from all traces of vanity, hatred, and the like; above all, be free to serve humankind. The Way consists of working under a guide through practices of Divine remembrance, meditation, and service to others. Our guide, Shaykh Nazim, established the Centre Soufi in Montreal in 1989. Since then, scores have entered to chant, whirl, learn, eat, and shine with us.

The main difference between the Naqshbandi Way and others is that while they are giving, we are taking away. Everything must go, even your separate existence. First you will be without anything, then you will be nothing.
:: Sh Hisham Kabbani, Classical Islam
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Notre Mission consiste transmettre les enseignements du Soufisme sur la fraternité de l'Humanité et l'unité de la croyance en Dieu présente dans toutes les religions et voies spirituelles...
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