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The soup of the soup of the hare

A neighbour came to the Hodja's house from hunting, bringing a hare as a gift. Delighted, Hodja had the hare yahni (meat stew with onions) cooked and shared it with his guest.
Presently, however, one countryman after another started to call, each one was the relative of the man who brought him the hare. No further presents were forthcoming. Hodja cooked some soup from old hare yahni and shared it with his guests
At length Hodja was exasperated. One day yet another stranger appeared.
-I am the relative of the relative who brought you the hare.
He sat down, like all the rest, expecting a meal. Hodja handed him a bowl of hot water mixed with little salt and spices.
- What kind of soup is this? asked the stranger.
- You are the relative of the relative of my neighbour, aren't you? Hodja replied. And that is certainly the soup of the soup of the hare which was brought by him.

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