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   Les Maitres de la Chaine d'Or de la Naqshbandiya
Les appelations et noms de l''ordre naqshbandi

La Chaine d'Or

  1. Le Prophète Mouhammad ibn Abd Allah, Salla Allahou `alayhi wa alihi wa sallam
  2. Abou Bakr as-Siddiq, radiya-l-Lahou`anh
  3. Salman al-Farsi, radiya-l-Lahou`anh
  4. Qassim ibn Mouhammad ibn Abou Bakr
  5. Jafar as-Sadiq, alayhi-s-salam
  6. Tayfour Abou Yazid al-Bistami, radiya-l-Lahou canh
  7. Aboul Hassan Ali al-Kharqani, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  8. Abou Ali al-Farmadi, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  9. Abou Yaqoub Youssouf al-Hamadani, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  10. Aboul Abbas, al-Khidr, alayhi-s-salam
  11. Abdoul Khaliq al-Ghoujdawani, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  12. Arif ar-Riwakri, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  13. Khwaja Mahmoud al-Anjir al-Faghnawi, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  14. Ali ar-Ramitani, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  15. Mouhammad Baba as-Samassi, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  16. as-Sayyid Amir Koulal, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  17. Mouhammad Baha'ouddin Shah Naqshband, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  18. Ala'ouddin al-Boukhari al-cAttar, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  19. Ya'Qoub al-Charkhi, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  20. Oubeydoullah al-Ahrar, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  21. Mouhammad az-Zahid, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  22. Darwish Mouhammad, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  23. Mouhammad Khwaja al-Amkanaki, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  24. Mouhammad al-Baqi bi-l-Lah, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  25. Ahmad al-Farouqi as-Sirhindi, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  26. Mouhammad al-Masoum, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  27. Mouhammad Sayfouddin al-Farouqi al-Moujaddidi, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  28. as-Sayyid Nour Mouhammad al-Badawani, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  29. Shamsouddin Habib Allah, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  30. Abdoullah ad-Dahlawi, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  31. Khalid al-Baghdadi, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  32. Ismail Mouhammad ash-Shirwani, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  33. Khas Mouhammad Shirwani, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  34. Mouhammad Effendi al-Yaraghi, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  35. Jamalouddin al-Ghoumouqi al-Houseyni, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  36. Abou Ahmad as-Soughouri, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  37. Abou Mouhammad al-Madani, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  38. Sharafouddin ad-Daghestani, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  39. Abdoullah al-Fa'iz ad-Daghestani, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah
  40. Mouhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani, qaddasa-l-Lahou sirrah


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   Citations  et anecdotes
:: The missing leg ::

The Hodja was a poor man but not a miserly one. As a matter of fact, miserly people are never poor. Anyhow, one day the Hodja was going to visit the great Tamerlane. On second thoughts he realized how unseemly it would look for him to go empty handed. No, it wouldn't do...

He got a goose beatifully roasted, placed it in a tray and started on his way to the palace. After a while, the aroma of the roasted goose began to tell on him and, when he could bear it no longer, he broke one of it legs off and satisfied his desire.

Tamerlane when offered the gift, at once noticed that one of the legs was missing and being lame in one leg himself, he thought this must have been done on purpose to remind him of his disability. He was, of course, furious and the Hodja had never in his life been in greater danger.

-"What is the meaning of this? " roared the tryant. "Where's the other leg of this goose?"
-"Your Majesty, all the goose in Akshehir are one-legged," replied the Hodja.
-"That's preposterous! I never heard of such nonsense!"
-"If your Majesty deigns to look out of the window, the geese near the water will vouch for me."
True enough, all these were standing about in the sun on one leg. He ordered an attendant to chase the birds away. They watched the attendant throw a large stick and then the geese running away as fast as both their legs could carry them.
-"You see, Nasreddin, you were lying. Those geese proved to have two legs a piece."
-"Those poor birds didn't prove a thing, your Majesty. If i were chased away with such a stick, i might grow two more legs myself."
:: Nasreddin Hodja ::
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